Sunday, June 23, 2013

6176...2013 Is Not 2015

Hey I am/is/are/was as excited as anyone when I just/just/just  read in the online edition of The Ottawa Citizen that our man Justin Trudeau is looking good.  Your capital's fave birdcage liner breaks out a Leger Marketing poll that shows that, for the first time, Mr. Trudeau bests our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in popularity.  27/23 is the score.

New poll vaults Trudeau over Harper

Also the poll which was done "...for The Gazette and Le Devoir, showed the Liberals under Trudeau would have rocketed into a majority government had an election been held this week.  With distribution of the undecided vote, the Liberals now stand at 37 per cent in the polls - up seven points from March - followed by the Conservatives at 29 per cent - down two from March - and the NDP at 21 per cent - down three points from March. Green Party support is pegged at eight per cent - the same as in March.
The Liberals are ahead in Quebec. Support is pegged at 46 per cent among decided voters, compared with 26 per cent for the NDP and eight per cent for the Conservatives. Support for the Bloc Québécois is 15 per cent."

Let us try to remember that 2013 is not 2015.


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