Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6134...Disco Fever Claims Delaware Woman

Coolest obit ever from Delaware Online.

Alicia Flaherty Stein

  • "I didn't know her, but after reading this, I wish I had. ..."
    - A Person Unknown

Alicia Flaherty Stein

Alicia Flaherty Stein died in her home on Saturday June 8, 2013 with her family by her side. Some believe she died of Disco Fever, however her battle with cancer for over four years was more likely the actual cause. She never complained and never questioned her disease, but instead lived and loved her life, family and friends. She was married three times to her best friend Jim and had three biological children and many unofficial children including nephews, nieces and friends.

Yes I do have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on my hands.


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