Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6138...Help For Homeless In Conn

Not by Cons.  Two different kettles of fish.  Of course we all know that the Conservatives consider being homeless a crime.  In fact in B.C. and Ontario it is a crime thanks to the Safe Streets Act which in Ontario was passed by Mike Harris and his Conservative government in '99.  If there is anything Dalton McGuinty should be ashamed of is not repealing this mean and nasty act.  Mind you the homeless don't vote, pay taxes or contribute so why not hate on them, eh?

Not so much in the other Conn, Connecticut.'s Scott Keyes writes that "Connecticut is on the cusp of enacting a major new law to protect people who are homeless from discrimination.  Last week, Connecticut lawmakers passed the 'Homeless Person’s Bill Of Rights' at the literal 11th hour — 11:30pm on June 5th, one half hour before the legislative session ended. The bill, SB 896, a landmark piece of legislation to protect homeless individuals’ rights, adds homeless people as a protected class who can’t be discriminated against in employment, housing, or public accommodations. It also includes protections for homeless people to move freely in public spaces, such as parks and sidewalks, without being singled out for harassment by law enforcement officers."

Being poor or uber poor should not be a crime nor should poor people be a target for bullies like they are in Ontario.  

Here is what the law offers in terms of protection for the homeless:

(1) Move freely in public spaces, including on public sidewalks, in public parks, on public transportation and in public buildings without harassment or intimidation from law enforcement officers in the same manner as other persons;
(2) Have equal opportunities for employment;
(3) Receive emergency medical care;
(4) Register to vote and to vote;
(5) Have personal information protected;
(6) Have a reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her personal property; and
(7) Receive equal treatment by state and municipal agencies.
The law will be law October 1 of this year. Rhode Island is the only other state that offers such rights to urban campers.  "Illinois could increase the number to three if Gov. Pat Quinn (D) signs a bill which passed the legislature recently, and other states like Oregon and Delaware are considering similar legislation."

Ontario could and should repeal their current anti poverty laws and institute a carbon copy of the Connecticut law.  Being poor should not be a crime.


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