Thursday, June 27, 2013

6186...JT's Liberals Breaking Thru In Alberta

Among other places.

A piece I grabbed off of the Laurier Institute For The Study Of Popular Opinion And Study [note to the domos at LIFTSOFPAS:  you may want to tighten up the name] states that the federal Libs are poised to break thru including Alberta.

A seat projection based on a blending and weighting of polls from Leger Marketing, Ipsos Reid and Forum Research conducted between May 21 and June 19 among over 4000 respondents indicate that a popular surge by the Liberals has continued over the past four months, and now places the party close to a parliamentary majority. During this period LISPOP has issued four projections which have featured a consistent pattern of Liberal gains in each of the six regional classifications over each succeeding projection. One explanation for this phenomenon is the presence of Justin Trudeau as party leader, but the trend actually preceded his selection. The largest Liberal seat increase in the past month was noted in Quebec, but the party continues to gain in all regions, including the once impregnable Conservative bastion of Alberta where the Liberals are now positioned to pick up five seats in newly redistributed areas of Edmonton and Calgary. Note: This projection is based upon the provisional, not the final boundaries of redistribution. 
Happy days are not here again; but they are getting closer.


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