Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6129...Peter MacKay Lies To Vet

Imagine a Tory who lies.  In public.  

This time it is Defense Minister Peter MacKay.  

CTV tells that "An injured Canadian soldier [Cpl. Glen Kirkland] who testified about his struggle for health benefits has been notified that he will be discharged in six months, despite assurances from Defence Minister Peter MacKay that he would suffer 'no ramifications' for speaking out."

Cpl. Glen Kirkland

Wait, it gets better/worse.  Cpl. Kirkland got blowed up real good in Afghanistan.  Real good.  He "...suffered serious injuries, including the loss of 75 per cent of his hearing, the loss of some sight and a brain injury that left him forever dependant on insulin."

And the Honourable Peter MacKay throws him under the bus.  


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  1. This is the same story over and over. The Veterans are just another tool for the Tories to play with and throw away when they are done.