Monday, June 17, 2013

6155...Dean Del Mastro's Rules

Are, apparently, his own.  The MP from Peterborough is not so good at following the rules at work.  

Postmedia's Stephen Maher and Glen McGregor this aft are reporting that
A witness in an Elections Canada investigation has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer complaining that Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro’s attacks on him appear to be designed to interfere with the investigation.
Last Thursday, Del Mastro, the parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, rose in the House on what’s called a “question of privilege” to complain that an investigation into his 2008 campaign financing was violating his rights as an MP.
Frank Hall, who ran Ottawa research company Holinshed Research, was named in a court order compelling him to release records to Elections Canada investigators who are looking into allegations Del Mastro’s campaign breached spending rules in the 2008 election.
Stay classy El Roundo.


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