Friday, November 2, 2012

5292...Susan Riley Takes A Powder And A Shot

The long time scribbler for The Ottawa Citizen is either quitting or has been quit.  Both q's equal the fact that she is not going to be writing for the paper anymore.

She did take a nice shot at the churlish Tories on her way out the door.  Commenting on the rabid partisanship of the Stephen Harpers she points out that

Bombastic Dean Del Masto, unctuous Pierre Poilievre, glowering Peter Van Loan and preachy Kellie Leitch, along with John Baird and most of the front bench, are among the worst. In return for media profile, they will read anything put in front of them, eyes dead, ears closed, rigid as robots.
They not only set a terrible example for their elders, they contribute to cynicism and distaste for politics itself.
Later gator.


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