Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5303...Senator Ponytail Makes A Funny

Not funny ha-ha but funny the other way and sadly not only is it funny but it is true.   Mia Rabson of The Winnipeg Free Press opens her story this morning in this fashion.

If a national inquiry is warranted to examine a fish crisis, it should be warranted for murdered and missing aboriginal women, a Conservative senator said Tuesday.
In a tweet Tuesday morning, Sen. Patrick Brazeau posted a picture of the 2,500-page inquiry report looking at the decline of the sockeye salmon in the Fraser River in B.C. with the caption:
"Here's the Inquiry on Salmon. Wish we could have the same for our Missing and Murdered Abo-Women!"
Senator Brazeau apparently doesn't understand that Vic Toews and Stephen Harper are too busy to worry about a bunch of missing women.  Especially tinted women.

Time to cross the floor; come on home to Team Red.  You already got jumped in.


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  1. We do not have an accountable or honest government currently. We do not have a mechanism to ensure or enhance accountability or honesty.. other then dubious elections which are now held when the government in question, says its time for an election. We do not have many elected MP's with strong ethics, common sense morality, or courage. Instead we have political animals.

    Try to imagine a heroic role in the War of 1812 by Peter Van Loan.. or epic valor in Afghanistan by Peter Mackay. How about Dean Del Mastro charging from a landing craft at Dieppe. Try to imagine Stephen Harper rather than a 20 year old Canadian fighter pilot over the English Channel. A complete and utter absence of 'the right stuff' .. Perhaps these political pigs are best suited to squabble and obstruct science.. and facilitate the collapse of fisheries.

    Despite assurances to the contrary.. a majority of Harper's MP's and Ministers voted to support a motion to re-open 'beginning of life' and anti abortion discussion. Yes.. Harper says the government does not support this.. the parliamentary votes on the record speak otherwise.. Missing women a concern for these self centered overfed, joweled trough inhabitants.. ? Not a chance.