Saturday, June 1, 2013

6089...Death Warrant For Harper's Brand

That, word for word, is the headline of Rex Murphy's article in The National Post this day.

I call bullsh*t.

Problem with Mr. Murphy and virtually all the anglo journalists [I don't read french newspapers unless I am in deepest darkest La Belle, Les Promenades in Gatineau for example, and canna find something english to read; I am another example of our school system failing its students] is they live in the now.  Only.  Methinks that our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is a Sun Tzu guy and thinks more long term.

A number of people in the Conservative administration, including Mr. Harper himself, began as outraged, reformist outsiders. The wheel has turned.

Remember Mr. Murphy he has two more years.  That is a longgggggg time.


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  1. Actually I've noticed Mulcair is a long term player as well, were as Justin tends to be right now type of guy. May is somewhere inbetween.

    Paille, is more invisible man.

    Seriously compared to Gilles, who was scrappy, this guys a phantom.