Sunday, July 28, 2013

6287...O.J. Simpson Wants Out Of Jail

For starters he has a murderer, of his ex wife and her friend Ron Goldman, that he has to track down.  He sure canna do it if he is locked up in Nevada.

The Associated Press runs with the news that "O.J. Simpson went before a parole board and pleaded for leniency on his armed robbery and kidnapping sentence Thursday as he expressed regret for his actions and described being an upstanding inmate who earns pennies an hour keeping gym equipment sanitized and umpiring and coaching games in the prison yard."

He says he regrets the actions, using a gun and forcing people to give him back his stuff, that landed him in jail. 
Seriously, what a maroon.  Got lucky once; second time not so much.

Earliest The Juice can hit the streets in 2018.  


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