Monday, July 8, 2013

6223...It Is All About Dogs

Dog TV.  These have to be the end days.

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DirectTV is launching a channel for dogs. No, not a channel about dogs. Canines are the target audience. According to Variety, Dog TV 's programming will feature, "programming comprises 3- to 6-minute video clips in three categories: relaxation, stimulation and 'exposure,' which center on segments designed to habituate dogs to domestic stimuli."
PTV media, the company behind Dog TV claims, "“The dog-approved programming content was created to entertain, relax and stimulate stay-at-home dogs, so owners don’t come home to ripped-up couches, shredded magazines or a favorite pair of heels chewed to bits."
DogTV launches August 1. It will be free for two weeks, then cost $4.99 a month.
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  1. The dumbing down of western culture, down to its lowest common denominator. It's aimed at a target audience who wishes to share their TV viewing experience with their pets.

    It may prove to be a bit hit with those who follow the adventures of the Kardashians or ZZ Top rednecks hunting pigs, wrestling gators, getting sprayed by skunks or similar TV misadventures of the Duck Dynasty clan and their offshoots...