Friday, July 19, 2013

6255...3 Storey Tall Mike Duffy In Ottawa

The Canadian Taxpayers Association, a group who unofficially shill for the Stephen Harpers, unveiled a 3 storey tall Senator Mike Duffy, Kanata-Prince Edward Island, earlier today in your capital.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that "The Canadian Taxpayers Federation unveiled its new mascot Thursday in a call for a referendum on the future of the Senate: a 10-metre-tall inflatable version of Sen. Mike Duffy. Well, the balloon is actually 'Duffy-esque,' said Scott Hennig, a spokesman for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation who helped co-ordinate the creation."  Lawyers and all that, eh?

Giant Mike Duffy balloon the new mascot for Canadian Taxpayers Federation

The organization plans on taking the balloon on a tour of Canada.  When deflated the ersatz Senator weighs a mere 120 pounds, about a fifth of what the real Senator weighs.  They hope to force a referendum on the future of the Red Chamber.  

"A survey done by the federation in June showed that 82 per cent of Canadian Taxpayers Federation supporters were in favour a national referendum on the future of the Senate."

Senator Duffy was asked to comment but he no get back to the paper.


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