Saturday, July 20, 2013

6261...And You Thought Rob Ford Was Bad

Hey ain't got nothin' on the current mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner.

This guy is such a dog that dogs are upset with him.  NPR and KPBS tell all that hizzoner is a sexual predator.  "At a press conference on Monday, attorneys Marco Gonzalez, Cory Briggs and former council member Donna Frye — all former Filner supporters — revealed the details of the allegations from three women who wish to remain anonymous.  According to statements from the women, one campaign volunteer said the mayor '[jammed] his tongue down her throat' and groped her; a constituent said that he kissed her and asked her on a date; a staffer said that he 'grabbed her ass and touched her chest.'"

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner in the video statement he released last week.
In an Adam Giabrone esque twist his " former fiancee, Bronwyn Ingram, came forward with the reasoning for their split..'Bob's constant infidelities which are being flaunted in my face lately along with his abusiveness and disrespect has become absolutely intolerable'"

Props to the mayor.  He ain't denying anything.  He also, even though 59 per cent of San Diegoians want him to, ain't quitting.


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