Friday, July 12, 2013

6235...Did Nigel Wright Write Another Cheque?

Cut and paste from CFRA, Ottawa.

City gets legal fees back for quashed court case
By: Alison Sandor (@CFRA_Alison)

The city says it's finally been reimbursed for court fees stemming from the John Martin/Lansdowne Park Conservancy case.
The courts ordered Martin to pay for the city's nearly $13,000 in legal fees and the city has finally received the money.
Martin had taken the city to several levels of court arguing that it had sole-sourced its bid for the Lansdowne Park project to the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group.
City lawyer Rick O'Connor says after repeated requests for payment from Martin, an anonymous benefactor stepped in and paid the money.
Legal services now consideres the matter to be closed.

He does fit the bill, eh?


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