Thursday, July 11, 2013

6230...Senator Sarah Palin

It could happen. reports that the former Governor of Alaska told Sean Hannity on his WABC and national radio show that "...she was considering a run against Alaskan Senator Mark Begich, a Democrat, in the 2014 election."
Sarah Palin Might Run for Senate in 2014

She went on to say that "I'm still waiting to see what the lineup will be. And hoping there will be some new blood, new energy. Not just kind of picking from the same old politicians in the state that come from political families.  Sen. Mark Begich has got to be replaced.  He had [sic] not done what he had promised to do for the people of Alaska, which is to represent what it is the nation needs in terms of energy development. Because he's on the wrong side of the aisle, he has to go along to get along with his Democrat leadership, and that's a shame. That's a waste of opportunity for our nation."

Love her or hate her you gotta admit that she has put Alaska on the map.


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