Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6226...Ottawa Has A Legal Pot Storefront

Welcome your capital to the 21st century.

My pot activist and Facebook buddy Russell Barth linked me to Reddit where they tell the world that the dispensary is at 790 Somerset.  That is kinda downtownish.

1) Compassion clubs are technically still illegal. other cities tolerate them
2) This guy seems like he is just barely operating under what I would call the "standard" for compassion clubs, meaning he will take almost anyone.
3) In Ottawa, it is 1964 a
nd will be long after pot is fully legal and advertised on TV and sold at wal-mart.
4) as much as i would like to see this do well, i expect the local do-gooders will nag the cops to shut it down. the cops will have little choice: enforce the law and lose face with the community... allow this illegal thing to operate openly..... they lose face with the community.
Imagine the sighing and eye-rolling at the police station about this....

Mr. Barth also makes this salient series of points.

I especially find point 4 to the point.


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