Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6270...Buy George Zimmerman A Gun

To refresh yer memory he is the dude who was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin.  This means he is not a murderer; just a killer.

The Washington Times says "...that even though Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury, the Justice Department on Thursday ordered the Sanford police to put a hold on the evidence from the trial, which includes the Kel Tek 9mm handgun."

WCPO-TV Cincinnati reports that "The Buckeye Firearms Association, a political action committee (PAC) based in Ohio, posted on its website that it plans to help Zimmerman acquire a new firearm...The article asks for direct donations toward purchasing the new gun..."

After all what is a killer without a gun?


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  1. I would have thought he could afford to buy his own, with the 30 thousand dollars a month he rakes in from his supporters on his website.