Thursday, July 4, 2013

6208...Cooking Kids In Canada

Rick Kaulbars, personal and Facebook friend of mine, posts the following thoughts on FB.
In North America, 33 toddlers a year die in overheated parked cars. WIthin 20mins. the car temp. can shoot to 40 or even 50 deg. Now, a second child, an Edmonton girl, has died making it two children in as many weeks and....How stupid, selfish, wrapped up in your own shit with your lazy head up your ass do you have to be to commit negligent homicide like this. ASSHOLES!
 What brought the rant on was a story carried by everyone, including Global Edmonton, that said that "Police say a little girl left inside a parked car during extreme heat in Edmonton has died in hospital.
The three-year-old child was found near death Tuesday evening outside a townhouse complex."  This was, as Mr. Kaulbars pointed out, the second child in Canada to cook to death in as many weeks.  "A funeral was being Wednesday for a two-year-old Ontario boy, who died last week after being left alone in a sweltering car in Milton, west of Toronto."  
Pay attention folks. 


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