Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6269...Dean Del Mastro In The News

Boy oh boy I hope he doesn't eat when he is anxious.  Coz if he does he is gonna have to trot, er waddle, down to Moore's and get his suits let out. 

Director of Public Prosecutions weighing charges against Del Mastro over campaign expenses

The Ottawa Citizen [and every other decent fish wrap in Canada] had a story yesterday/today about the esteemed member from Peterborough who allegedly was caught cheating. The story opened with the news that "Federal prosecutors are considering laying charges over expenses claimed by Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro’s campaign during the 2008 election."

The MP says he doesn't know what people are talking about; he is unaware of the case being referred to the Crown.  Please print and mail this to him so he knows.  No postage required.  Honestly.


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