Saturday, July 6, 2013

6218...Dean Del Mastro Update

Still nothing to say.  Off the front pages too.

This guy should take Senator Mike Duffy and the other shady Senators to his favourite buffet and kill it coz they are keeping him out of hot water.  It's not super smooth sailing; the CBC reported in late June that "Records obtained from Elections Canada suggest the agency has deepened its investigation into donations to Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro.  Lists of contributors to Del Mastro's 2008 campaign have been seized by the commissioner of Canada Elections, the records show"  

Our boy is not out of the woods yet.  "If the commissioner thinks criminal charges are warranted, he can refer the case to the director of public prosecutions, who decides whether to press charges."  

Still, as I write this, he walks among us.

Oh what a lucky man he is.


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