Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6251...Cat Killing Quebec Mayor

I say this frequently.  La Belle is the place where the unthinkable happens on a regular basis.

For example, this weekend Stephane Gendron, the mayor of Huntington, a small town on the Quebec/New England border, went on his Radio-X show to proclaim that he is a hat hater.  “Stray cats have no business on the street...So bang! I accelerate.”  It gets better and by better I mean worse.  “The other day I backed up over a newborn and I’m sure it didn’t feel a thing...The pickup passed over him like it was nothing.”

Canada's Horrible Mayors: A Bestiary

I feel the same way.  Except about hipsters.  I hope Mayor Gendron jay walks in front of me in Hintonburg, Ottawa.  


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