Wednesday, July 17, 2013

6249...Canada Is Full

No more immigrants.

That is the David Suziki point of view as revealed to the French page turner L'Express.

I just flew from Ottawa to Edmonton.

Mr. Suziki is wrong.

Canada is empty.

Real empty.

A suggestion.

Next time you fly across Our Home And Native Land skip the movie and the foodies and look out the window.

Then you will realize how wrong you are.

Yer welcome.


1 comment:

  1. Its Dr. Suzuki .. is it not ?

    And try harder Dr. WF .. re context ..
    when next you look down from your fantastical flights

    Do you also expect to see Canada spelled out
    across the Canadian shield, muskeg and prairie ?
    p'raps by native beaver or writ in cedar rail.. or in wampum

    And next time you yourself takes a flight of fancy
    if I look up .. should I expect to see your face pressed
    against an airliner window.. at 30,000 feet

    By your thinking, that airliner with you inside, is an empty drone

    The shots on an exemplar.. ie Suzuki .. are so thin
    that when W Kinsella posted his skinny diatribe
    my light but critical comment..
    didn't deserve to pass moderation ..
    hmmnn ..

    You can do the same.. its your right

    Yer welcome .. but brighten up somewhat

    You're not in Suzuki's league, nor am I ..
    as biologists, environmentalists or exemplars