Sunday, July 7, 2013

6219...Lac Megantic Conspiracy Freaks Out There

From the same people that don't believe 9/11 happen, are sure that Sandy Hook was a false flag [as was Boston] and believe that JFK, Abe Lincoln and Elvis have an apartment in downtown Tweed, Ontario, comes this courtesy of my real world and Facebook friend.

Ever wonder if some ‎#cpc minion set that train loose so this disaster would happen, giving the Crime Minister and the Oil Cartels all the PR they need to insist that we need more pipelines.
Sounds far fetched?
Not really.
I wouldn't put anything past the #CPC. Not this, not mass murder, not even genocide. The #CPC are capable of - and willing to do - anything and everything to get what they want.
Up to an including everything.
This was probably an accident, but it would NOT surprise me if it was sabotage.

Yeah, surrrrrrrrrrre.


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