Friday, May 10, 2013

5975...Mike Duffy Hand In Till V.2

The loyal Conservative fart catcher and Senator from Kanata Mike Duffy [PEI] got caught with his hand in the till yet again.

 Duffy charged Senate per diems while outside Ottawa

Of course the esteemed Senator "Duffy, who has already committed to pay back $90,000 in expenses, could not be reached for comment Thursday morning."  This info is taken from an Ottawa Citizen blog.  Apparently this latest kerfule has something to do with him being in Florida and having a staffer apply for per diems as if the lovable lug was back home in Ottawa.  Or not back home in Ottawa coz Ottawa isn't his home.  When informed of this malfeasance he immediatley blamed said staffer.  Classy and classic.

"Another document obtained by the Citizen shows that a Senate accounting of Duffy’s expenses put them at $81,332.54, plus an additional $8,839.70 in interest, for a grand total of $90,172.24."


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