Friday, May 10, 2013

5976...Great Food In Store At The Stampede

From the looks of the junk food menu at this year's Calgary Stampede, held right at the epicentre of our beloved Prime Minister, Stephen Harper's world, it won't just be horses that will have to worry about their mortality; those who consume some of this delectable treats could also be for the high jump.

The Calgary Sun reported that "The Stampede announced 31 new treats Thursday that will be offered up at this year’s Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, including several deep fried delicacies and, in true Stampede fashion, snack foods on sticks."

Basically what has happened is the powers that run The Stampede wanted a vitamin free environment.  They got it:

The new foods include:
1. Double Bacon Corndog
A hot dog is wrapped in bacon, deep fried, dipped in real bacon bit infused batter, deep fried again and served with maple syrup and more bacon bits.
2. Sweet Corn Corndog
Fresh sweet corn is husked, cut off the cob and added to traditional corndog batter to create a fresh twist on an old favourite.
3. Banana Bacon Ear
Elephant ear dough is wrapped around bacon and bananas, deep fried and served on a stick.
4. Deep Fried Pickled Beans
Continuing the pickle craze, green beans are pickled, battered and deep fried.
5. Deep Fried Butter
The old adage that calories don't count during Stampede is put to the test with this treat. Cubes of butter are tightly wrapped in homemade pie crust before being deep fried to perfection.
6. Deep Fried Pie
Homemade pie crust is filled with your choice of pie filling before it is wrapped, deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Soft service ice cream is available to top it all off.
7. Deep Fried Doritos
A deep fried snack made of Doritos, beer and bacon, could it get any better? Doritos are dipped in a beer batter, sprinkled with bacon bits and deep fried.
8. Deep Fried Bubble Gum
Despite the name, deep fried bubble gum is not of the bubble blowing variety. Puffy marshmallows are infused with bubble gum flavoring, dipped in a pink pastry batter and deep fried. The result is an unexpected gooey delight!
9. Deep Fried Avocado
Pieces of avocado are coated in light tempura batter and deep fried.
10. Deep Fried Philly Cheesesteak Rollup
The traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwich, which gets rolled up and deep fried.
11. Chip Dog
Not your typical meat and potatoes. Take your hotdog on a stick and then surround it by spiral cut chips.
12. Eggroll On a Stick
A Chinese favourite gets the Stampede treatment when we take a classic eggroll and serve it on a stick
13. Shrimp Chips
A mixture of shrimp and tapioca flour is rolled out, sliced, dried and then deep fried. A staple Asian snack!
14. Naaco TNT
A sweet, salty, spicy, fresh & crunchy puffed rice based salad from India. It is made by mixing a variety of vegetables, sauces/chutneys, spice powders, fresh herbs, lime and puffed rice together and serving it in a waffle cone.
15. Cochinita Pibil
Pork on Adobe salsa, lime, red onions, habaneros (for the REAL Cowboy)
16. Flautas de Pollo
Rolled chicken tacos that are deep friend and with sour cream, Lettuce and Salsa on top
17. Chocolate Dipped Jalapeno
Just as it sounds. A jalapeno is dipped into chocolate to make for a sweet and spicy treat
18. Chocolate Covered Bacon
Combining two of our favourite food groups, bacon is dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.
19. Frozen Yogurt
This self-serve frozen treat comes with toppings galore. You are the boss of your yogurt destiny!
20. B-52 Fudge
Fudge with a buzz! Baileys fudge is topped with Grand Marnier fudge and then topped off with Kahlua fudge.
21. Chocolate Cinnamon Bear Fudge
Cinnamon Bears are added to this crowd pleasing fudge to blend sweet and spicy.
22. Dessert Fries
Home cut french fries are coated in cinnamon sugar and served with a side of special frosting dipping sauce.
23. Chocolate Bacon Fudge
Bite into this decadent chocolate fudge and you will discover bacon bits that have been added to the mixture. Sweet and salty!
24. Chocolate Bacon Apple
No fair is complete without a chocolate coated apple and Stampede is no exception. Roll that apple in bacon bits and you are on a new playing field.
25. Philly Cheesesteak
Thinly sliced pieces of steak, sautéed onions and melted cheese are all served on a hoagie roll for this Philadelphia favourite.
26. Idaho Nachos
Idaho's version of nachos starts with waffle cut fries that are then topped up with all the fix'ins.
27. Godzilla Mac and Cheese
Classic gourmet Mac and Cheese with a Japanese flair. 'Reel Mac and Cheese' is topped with Nori (roasted seaweed), teriyaki sauce and a squiggle of Japanese mayo. Arigoto.
28. Idaho Taco
A jumbo Idahoan potato is baked, opened and then loaded to the brim with your favourite taco toppings.
29. Pickle Shooters
Think you have the stomach for it? Shots of pure pickle juice are available for those daring enough to try.
30. Double smoked bacon wrapped cheese perogie skewer
Pan fried perogies wrapped with double smoked bacon, skewered and served with a dollop of sour cream and chives
31. Western Cake Pops
Finally cake on a stick. Gooey chocolate cake shaped as cowboy boots and hats then dipped in milk chocolate. Giddy up!
List courtesy Calgary Stampede


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