Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5697...Good News For Dean Del Mastro

Haven't seen that name in print for a while, have you?  Thanks to the malfeasance of fellow Tories such as Senator Mike Duffy and Senator Pam Wallin and Senator Patrick Brazeau the malfeasance, alleged malfeasance, of Member of Parliament Dean Del Mastro has slipped out of our collective consciousness.

Now this.

Good news for El Roundo comes from Len Berman's That's Sports:

Are you a really big soccer fan? Wait before answering. When Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup there will be special seats to accommodate obese fans. They even get their own color. That's the good news for hefty fans. The bad is that the seats cost double. Well, that's fair. Here's the bad news. There are only 120 of the seats, and the seat is built to hold only 560 pounds. So if you are a really really big soccer fan, buy your special seat early, or start cutting down on those jumbo soft drinks.
All the MP from Peterpatch has to do is maintain.


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