Saturday, March 23, 2013

5770...Greens Are Stepping Up By Stepping Out

Oh yes they are.

The Canadian Press has word that "The Green Party of Canada says it will not run a candidate in the Labrador riding vacated by former Conservative cabinet minister Peter Penashue and is urging the NDP to follow suit.  In a statement released on Saturday, Green leader Elizabeth May says such co-operation would rally the progressive vote behind the Liberals and encourage proportional representation."

Of course Thomas Mulcair's head is way too big to miss out on any opportunity to get on TV, radio, have his picture on a sign, a flyer so the NDP won't be sitting this one out.

Nice try Ms. May.  Nice try.



  1. Personally, I think that the Green Party is not running a candidate because the party doesn't have a local organization to find a candidate, finance, and campaign in a by-election. Why would the central Green Party organization spend money on attempting to win or even get a respectable showing. In a riding like Labrador, the Greens would be lucky to get one or two percent of the vote.

    Thomas Mulcair does have a nice head. He needs the NDP running in Labrador to demonstrate that the party has momentum. The NDP doesn't need to win the riding. However, it does need to win a greater percentage of the votes than last time. If the NDP decided not to run a candidate, the party would be conceding that the Liberals are the de-facto opposition party. There is no way that the NDP would do that. Besides, this by-election is not critical for the survival of the Conservative government.


    May's gift to the Liberal Party is a joke. Also the NDP can win this riding, NDP support in Newfoundland in growing, at least provincially. Also what riding would the Liberals offer in exchange for sitting this one out? Just as I thought one way street.

  3. How exactly is not running a candidate democratic?
    Anyone who hasn't yet figured out that the left will sell you out to the SIG, the right will sell you out to the corporations, and the Liberals to BOTH, well then they are just naive.