Saturday, March 16, 2013

5748...Paul Rose, Terrorist, Dies

Or freedom fighter.  Depends on which side of the issue you are on.

Paul Rose was a member of the Front de Liberation du Quebec.  The FLQ were a group of terrorists/freedom fighters who brought the whole Quebec thingy to a head in the autumn of 1970, making the Quiet Revolution a very loud one, with their kidnapping of James Cross, a British diplomat and Pierre Laporte, a Quebec minister and a Liberal/federalist.

Mr. Laporte was subsequently murdered by Mr. Rose and his crew.  Mr. Rose served 13 years in jail for murdering the minister.

No matter your feelings about the FLQ I feel free to posit that they accelerated the reality of the independence movement in Quebec and helped to subsequently legitimize the movement through the Parti Quebecois.  Canadians and Quebecers are not generally brutes and the revolution came from the ballot box. Less than a decade after The October Crisis La Belle had its first referendum on independence.

It was widely reported that "The 69-year-old suffered a stroke at Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Montreal, the magazine L’Aut’Journal, where he was a contributor, announced on its website."

It is not for us to judge him now; it is in the hands of a much higher power.


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