Friday, March 15, 2013

5738...The Mayor Of Yer Capital Is All Pissy

That would be yer honour Jimmy Watson.

What he is all pissy about is the fact that, according to what I heard on 1310 News, the province of Ontario is going to drop a casino in both Toronto and Ottawa but the Toronto barn will have more toys, more money, may be even nicer broadloom.  Hizzhonour is so pissy that he is threatening to have no casino in downtown Ottawa.  This of course comes after bitching for years that the Lac Leamy Casino in Hull, a mere ten minutes real time from Parliament Hill, is sucking crucial degenerate gamblers shekels out of Ottawa.

On this subject, are you as surprised as I am that Toronto still doesn`t have a casino?  Me too.

One less thing to do in


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