Thursday, March 28, 2013

5791...Katherine Wynne Needs To Get Out More

She is the new premier of Canada's most important province, Ontario.

Here is the deal.  The Sunshine List came out today.  It contains the names of all provincial employees who make over a 100,000.00 C$ a year.

CFRA reports that Katherine Wynne says that may be the threshold may have to be raised although, and this is my fave part, 100,000.00 C$ is still a lot of money to most people.



Like I give you money, vote, volunteer for the Libs and will continue to do so but if you want to get elected you gotta stop saying that.

Premier Wynne 100K is a lot of money to most, like 99 per cent, of the people.

Take a TTC tour by yourself, incognito, and you will see what I mean.  Not a lot of Sunshine Listers on the Red Rocket.

And don't say you cannot do it coz you will get recognized; if Uncle Drew can do it so can you.



  1. "Premier Wynne 100K is a lot of money to most, like 99 per cent, of the people."

    I believe about 15% of households make more then $100,000 per year.

    I wouldn't be surprised if people who make $100K or more ride the TTC more then people who make less because their jobs are more likely to be downtown and they can afford to live in Toronto rather then taking a GO train from the 905.

  2. @ doconnor: The sunshine list is for individual incomes, not household incomes. This trend in the past few years of discussing household incomes instead of individual incomes is an attempt to distract and confuse.