Sunday, March 10, 2013

5412...Ron Paul Visits Ottawa

He is the medical doctor who got this whole Tea Party thing going and he came to your capital to talk to alleged fellow travelers.  Le Gang Stephen Harper.

What he told them may have been a bit hard for the hard headed Stephen Harpers to digest.

"The war on drugs is lost."

Oh yeah, and mandatory sentences are stupid.

This war on drugs thing, which kicked off the day Lenny Bias died, has been an abysmal failure down south, putting, as Ron Paul pointed out, more people in prison in the USA than in China.

An uber strong libertarian, Dr. Paul feels that if an adult wants to smoke pot, let him.  Especially considering all the bad drugs, tobacco, booze and pharmaceuticals that the government let's adults use.  And stop sending people to jail for lifestyle choices.

Excuse the pun but his speech had to be a hard pill to swallow for the Canuckistanians Conservatives in the room.


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