Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5783...Mayor Rob Ford Is The First Ever

To be asked to leave a military party for being overrefreshed. 

Our fighting boys and girls in camouflage can and do drink.  To be the most overrefreshed in a room full of purposefully overrefreshed individuals is quite the accomplishment.  Kudos to you Mayor Rob Ford.

The story from The Toronto Star indicates that hizzonner  showed up at the "The Garrison Ball event...Dinner was set for 7 p.m...he arrived this year, around the time salad was being served...over the next hour, people in attendance noticed that the mayor seemed impaired. According to interviews, he was “incoherent,” “stumbling,” “rambling,” “intoxicated,” “slurring,” “seemed to be drunk,” “was nervous, excited, sweaty, out of it.”"


According to the story in The Toronto Star Mayor Ford's drinking has been an ongoing problem and he has been asked to check himself into rehab more than once.  Ain't happening btw.

The alcoholic Super Bowl, St. Paddy's Day, was a big deal for the former Carleton student.  He"...and a small entourage including at least two staff headed to a private room before midnight in the Bier Markt on the Esplanade."  Later in the evening, after repeatedly attempting to "...storm the dance floor...",  he over stayed his welcome.   "A senior staffer with Ford told the Star that Ford was escorted out by his own staff and some restaurant staff."

Prince Igor approves of this message.



  1. Your opinion loses a great deal of credibility when you stated 'According to a stoy in the Toront Star ...'.

  2. The Toronto Star is a lot more trustworthy than the lying Ford brothers.