Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5721...Hating On JT; Not Justin Timberlake

The other one.

Justin Trudeau.

The National Post yesterday ran an editorial that painted the Liberal JT as a rock star with a fickle fan base.  Even pointed out that, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, even the Americans have politicians in The White House.

Uh, doh, doncha all remember where Justin Trudeau grew up?  It's not just daddy's side of the fam that was on The Hill.  Grampa Sinclair was a pol too.  A minister.

He has just done what many do.  Gone into the family business.

Plus, as The National Post points out, he and the others running for the leadership of the Reds, 300,000 voters, about 1 per cent of the country, are engaged in the leadership race.

No need to hate.


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  1. Since Xavier James and Ella-Grace Margaret are also growing up in a similar enviroment, the Liberal Party never needs to hold another leadership election, just pass it on through the family.