Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5727...Charles Adler On The Prime Minister To Be

For those of you who don't know of Charles Adler he is a right of centre talker out of the 'peg who styles himself as a national talk show host ala Rush, Savage, Hannity et. al. down south.

BTW he is not on the radio in your capital so there goes that national host thingy.  Nonetheless he is clever and thru the power of the 'net we can all catch his act at various times.  Plus, if you get it, he is also on SUN TV.  

He is a Facebook friend of the WFDS and this is what the man had to say about Thomas Mulcair today:

MulcairMuff - NDP leader NOT supporting Keystone while traveling in the U-S. He's just busy pretending to the PM in waiting. This is politcally and patriotically dumb. It makes many Canadians think Jack Layton's been replaced by Jack Ass

Score one for Mr. Adler.


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