Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5725...Charles Angus[Who Dat Be?] Hates On JT

Note I found on Facebook from the NDP member from I-don't-know-where applauding himself while hating on the next leader of the Liberals.

Message to Justin -- this is what public service looks like. I gave up a weekend at home to give the keynote address at Queens Medical school and received a cup and cap. I was honoured to be there. MP Justin (Youth critic for the liberals) charged a school board $15,000 to speak and then hit them up for $780 in limo fees.
You should be honoured to be there stronza; reality is he is a rock star and brings in more than he gets.

I would wager that even though they didn't pay you they still lost money on you.

Stars be stars.  You no star.


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