Monday, March 11, 2013

5718...The Mayor Is Off To Jail

The New York Times has just reported that Kwame Kirkpatrick, who at 31 became mayor of Detroit, has been "...found guilty on...a range of charges, including corruption and fraud, at the completion of a five-month trial. Jurors reached consensus on 40 of the 45 charges leveled against Mr. Kirkpatrick and his co-defendants, the judge in the trial said."

Mr. Kirkpatrick won two elections as mayor of Detroit until resigning in 2008.  Sevenish years wearing the chain.

Sex, no drugs, lots of money is what brought this man down.  He lost his career, his hometown [he and his wife live in the Dallas Metroplex with their three kids] and soon, he is looking at 20 years in jail, his freedom.


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