Sunday, March 10, 2013

5413...How The 1% + 1% Wannabes Don't Get It

In my view many politicians and media types are 1% wannabes.  They like the life, the cocktails, wearing wedding guest clothes most of the time.

Then they forget that they are not 1%.  They are 1% wannabes.

My real world and Facebook friend Mitch St. Pierre had this on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' demise:

Mitch St.PierreOne of the more bizarre takes on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death comes from Associated Press business reporter Pamela Sampson (3/5/13):
"Chavez invested Venezuela's oil wealth into social programs including state-run food markets, cash benefits for poor families, free health clinics and education programs. But those gains were meager compared with the spectacular construction projects that oil riches spurred in glittering Middle Eastern cities, including the world's tallest building in Dubai and plans for branches of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums in Abu Dhabi."
That's right: Chavez squandered his nation's oil money on healthcare, education and nutrition when he could have been building the world's tallest building or his own branch of the Louvre.


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