Saturday, February 2, 2013

5585...Money, Money, Money Liberal Style

My source, Leslie MacKinnon, CBC News, tells me that JT, that's Justin Trudeau to you, has collected the most money in the federal Lib leadership race.

A lot more money.

Here are the numbers Alice Funke parsed from the Elections Canada website:

Justin Trudeau: $673,156.53 (58.4%)
Martha Hall Findlay: $149,877.45 (13.0%)
Marc Garneau: $122,616.11 (10.6%)
George Takach: $106,233.00 (9.2%)
Joyce Murray: $56,554.06 (4.9%)
Karen McCrimmon: $20,275.00 (1.8%)
Deborah Coyne: $16,355.00 (1.4%)
David Bertischi and Martin Couchon are not on the list coz they entered the race after the data was entered.

If money makes the world go round...


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