Sunday, May 12, 2013

5979...Tory Pitbull Senator Doug Finley Dead

It is all over the place, CBC, CTV, TVA.  Senator Doug Finley, 66, the man who forced the square peg that is Stephen Harper into the round hole that is 24 Sussex, has died.

The death was not sudden; the Senator had had terminal colon-rectal cancer for a while.

Senator Doug Finley arrives to the Senate for a swearing-in ceremony on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ont., Tuesday September 15, 2009.

Unlike a lot of pikers who don't work in the Senate, this guy worked to the end.  He was in the Senate on Tuesday voting and talking.  Which is what Senators are supposed to do.  Are you taking notes Senator Mike Duffy?

A lot of folks have shown a tremendous lack of grace upon the end of Senator Finley's life.  Going on Facebook and saying you hope he fries in hell reflects purely upon you, eh?  And what if he saw a priest right before he passed?  Think it out.

The Scotsman's passion for politics was best summed up this was on the Global report of his demise.  "Garth Turner, a short-lived, maverick MP under the Harper Conservatives, once described Finley this way: 'He lives not just to kill the competition but, once he’s killed them, he wants to stab and drown them. He is a master strategist and I have great respect for his political skills. He’s ruthless.'”

Y'play to win; that's why they keep score.  


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