Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5967...My Bad. Harper Loves You

He just thinks that you and I need a reminder of how much from time to time.  In fact The Canadian Press reports that  "Prime Minister Stephen Harper is justifying the more than $100 million his government has spent on economic advertising by pointing to Canadians' confidence in the economy."

The next Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, called the whole thing a spin in the House of Commons yesterday.  He said that "It is becoming obvious that rather than helping Canadians, the government would rather continue to spin Canadians."

Fact of the matter is during our beloved Prime Minister's regime "Canada is no longer the leader of the G7 in growth, having been surpassed by the United States in 2012. Other smaller advanced economies have also outperformed Canada since the 2009 recession, including Australia and the Scandinavian countries."

You always hurt the ones you love.


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