Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5966...Stephen Harper Takes Jobs From Youth

My friend Eugene Haslam drops this on Facebook:

Each time you see a gov't "action plan" ad during the playoffs, remember it could have paid for 32 student jobs:  [he goes on to quote an article in The Winnipeg Free Press]
"In fact, Canada is no longer the leader of the G7 in growth, having been surpassed by the United States in 2012. Other smaller advanced economies have also outperformed Canada since the 2009 recession, including Australia and the Scandinavian countries.Critics, including non-partisan communications specialists, have long assailed the "economic action plan" ads for promoting wished-for results — jobs, growth and prosperity — rather than actual programs Canadians can access. TV viewers are directed to a website, where they find more promotional material."
Seriously what is going through our beloved Prime Minister's mind?


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