Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5934...54 Candles For Our Beloved Prime Minister

54 today, May 1st.  That would make it that he took power about the same age as Justin Trudeau will be when he becomes Prime Minister in a couple of years.  More things that make me go hmmmmmmmm.

Happy birthday, hope you have many more.  Just in retirement.


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    While Harper is having possible the worst combined scandal of his career, Justin is busy chewing over an NDP hand me down issue the tarriffs, because he can't think on his feet.

    When Justin's own motion on backbenchers came up he was a no show in Parliament, the NDP voted for his bill, he did not.

    When it came to standing up to Harper, on FIPA and S-7 Justin surrendered instead, and supported Harper, after Justin riduculusly attacked the NDP for not supporting the Charter of Rights ironic (and historically inacurate).

    I could go on, but I made my point.

    Enjoy Justin's time in the sun, it won't last as people realize he's the an empty vessel for the old liberal guard nothing more then a coat of paint on an old lemon.