Friday, March 1, 2013

5686...How Many NDP Separatists Are There?

"Claude Patry, the MP for Jonquière-Alma who was first elected in the so-called 'orange wave' of 2011..." is one of them and as the Globe and Mail [and every other news outlet in Canada] reported he has decided to follow his heart and become the fifth Bloc Quebecois member in Ottawa.

The issue for the newly minted Blocker is the NDP's public stand on conditions for separation.  "NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair said he believed that a bare majority of 50 per cent plus one vote should be sufficient to trigger negotiations leading to Quebec’s separation. But that is apparently not good enough for Mr. Patry."  Mr. Patry says “I consulted my family and I came to the conclusion that the recognition of the Quebec nation is incompatible with the continuation of a law that imposes conditions in Quebec...”

Seriously?  Dude, wtf dya want?  

Methinks that the Dippers should vet their candidates just a little more closely from now on.


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