Saturday, March 3, 2012

4309...Baptizing The Dead

It's one of the quirks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons.

Deal is you can baptize your dead relatives and they get to go to Celestial Heaven. I think Celestial Heaven is the top heaven in Mormonism; I know there are three levels plus Outer Darkness. When I was dabbling in that church the way I remember the three levels of heaven plus Outer Darkness was by thinking of level one as having all the TV channels, all, like you would with a dish that was totally unblocked. Level two was decent cable. Three was rabbit ears. Outer Darkness was no TV at all.

Anyhow I was checking out the New York Times today and apparently some Mormons have gone a bit over the top and are baptizing everybody. Even Holocaust victims like Anne Frank. And others. This, understandably, is ruffling some Jewish feathers and is supposed to stop. Will it, well, may be.

The best reaction to this comes from "Anthony Hecht, the chief technology officer for The Stranger, a weekly newspaper in Seattle, [who] decided to fight back by offering conversions to dead Mormons — not to a new religion, but to homosexuality. Last week, he started the Web site

'Sadly, many Mormons throughout history have died without having known the joys of homosexuality,' the site reads. 'With your help, these poor souls can be saved. Simply enter the name of your favorite dead Mormon in the form below and click ‘Convert’! Presto, they’re gay for eternity. There is no undo.'

600,000 hits later...


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