Tuesday, March 20, 2012

4364...Whither Tim Tebow Goeth

Geez I hope I got that correct spelling wise or else Richard Schimelfenig of Delaware will be all over my case.

Nonetheless if you care about these things you know that Peyton Manning, the Manning QB with one Super Bowl ring, is off to Denver, five years and 95 million, to weave his magic.

The whole wide world is saying that that is the end of Tim Tebow and Tebowing and Tebowmania.

I am not the whole world.

As former Montreal Alouette and Buffalo Bill coach Marv Levy often said "A back up quarter back is like a parachute; you never want to use it but when you want to use it it better be good." Frank Reich was a great parachute during the Jim Kelly era; no reason Tim Tebow cannot be a great parachute during the Peyton Manning era.

Another problem solved.

Have John Fox and John Elway send me a Tebow and a Peyton jersey, k?


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