Monday, March 12, 2012

4336...St. Paddy's Day Fiasco

I am as Irish as Paddy's Pig.

My friend and neighbour Jenn Farr says I could be a leprecaun.

I am also proudish of being Irish Catholic.

One of the things that makes me the most proudish is the fact that I/we don't care that every city has a high school that calls itself The Fighting Irish, which, of course, is a stereotype. One that one could construe as being negative. Nor do I/we mind that the world co-opts our patron saint's holiday, March 17, as the ultimate throw up on your shoes day.

At least not til now.

The Associated Press reports that long time Democrat Congressman Joe Crowley, the co-chair of the legislature's ad hoc committee on Irish affairs is pissed, not alcoholically but madly, coz Urban Outfitters, a store, is selling St. Pat's tees that say things like "Irish I Was Drinking" and "Kiss Me, I Am Irish, Or Drunk, Whatever".

Here is a word to Mr. Crowley from a pure one hundred per cent Irish Catholic: STFU.


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