Sunday, March 18, 2012

4351...Ed Broadbent Team Player

Ed Broadbent, former leader of the NDP and the worst, w o r s t MP in Canadian history, is trying to throw the probable new leader of the Dippers under the bus.

The new leader Thomas Mulcair, er, probable new leader, wants to be Prime Minister.

Crazy idea dat!

Mr. Broadbent was a failure to the nth degree.

Hence the hate.

I could write 3,000 words on this but I am not Chantal Hebert et. al.


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  1. Failure to the nth degree? How old were you when he led the NDP? From wiki:

    "The NDP finished with 30 seats in the 1984 campaign, just ten behind the Liberal Party led by John Turner. Several polls afterward showed that Broadbent was the most popular party leader in Canada. Broadbent was the only leader ever to take the NDP to first place in public opinion polling, and some pundits felt that the NDP could supplant Turner's Liberals as the primary opposition to Brian Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives.

    "Nonetheless, he was not successful in translating this into an election victory in the 1988 federal election, since the Liberals reaped most of the benefits from opposing free trade. However, the NDP elected a party record 43 seats, a record unchallenged until the 2011 election, in which the NDP won 103 seats and Jack Layton became the leader of the opposition."

    And that's how you define "failure"? For the NDP? Really?