Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4391...Solving Ontario's Deficit The WFDS Way

Be pragmatic.

For starters use the TVO franchise to generate income.

A great way to do that without angering the ghost of Elwy Yost would be to run infomercials from midnight to six in the morning. TVO's signal doesn't just cover Ontario it also is in a number of big and small markets out side of ON.




A top ten, a top fifty and a top one hundred market.

Yes, yes, yes the chattering classes will be ringing their hands and the oligarchs that run the commercial stations in Ontario will complain to the CRTC.

If cross border shopping is good enough for WNED, WTVS and WPBS it is good enough for us too.

So sad, too bad, let's do it Dalton McGuinty, let's do it.


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