Thursday, March 15, 2012

4347...Big Story In Ottawa: RC Uni Bans Condoms

F*ck you'd think that world had stopped spinning.

Folks, get a grip, okay? Yes St. Paul's [Catholic] University in Ottawa, Ontario doesn't want condoms distributed on campus. Front page news in your capital.

This is getting a lot of the more self righteous of y'all y'all all twisted and frankly I don't understand this. Any sentinent person should be able to grasp that if you are going to an RC school no birth control, that includes condoms. It is not like we are living in a vacumm; there are plenty of secular unis around. And, yes, I know a lot of RCs, myself included, use condoms, and not just for water balloons either but the fact is the offical rules say no. So go to Carleton or UQAO or U of Ottawa or any non Catholic school.

Another problem solved.


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