Monday, March 5, 2012

4215...Don Cherry Educates The Masses

One can make an empirical argument that the centre of the hockey world, the place that produces the most players, is Ontario.

An example thereof is the fact that in 1992 a full five percent, that is 1/20, pro hockey players in North America were from the Ottawa region. Mix in Toronto and the rest and, well, you get it. I get. Brian Burke, not so much.

I was pretty amazed when reading Canoe - Slam! this morning that I came across this quote from Don Cherry: "Every team in the National Hockey League has a guy from Ontario except one. Guess who it is? It’s Ontario’s Toronto Maple Leafs."

I am not jingoistic and Lord knows I abhor enforced quotas like Can con and the non-import rule in the CFL but Jesus, Mary and Joseph the best players come from Ontario.

Plus you suck as a General Manager Mr. Burke, missing the playoffs every year and all that. At least suck with homeboys.


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